Red Deer & District Chamber Unveils Dynamic New Brand, Marking 130 Years of Unwavering Support

Today, the Red Deer & District Chamber charges ahead into a new era, unveiling a vibrant brand to celebrate 130 years of steadfast commitment to local businesses and entrepreneurs. The refreshed identity, inspired by the spirit of resilience and collaboration, reflects a bold shift from red to a dynamic orange-toned palette.

At the heart of the new brand is the fusion of the letters ‘R’ and ‘C,’ crafted to embody the spirit of a deer, symbolizing agility, strength, and progress. This innovative design underscores the Chamber’s unwavering belief in the power of collaboration, courage, and resolve to turn dreams into reality.

For over a century, the Red Deer & District Chamber has dedicated itself to empowering the local business community through unwavering support and advocacy. The brand essence, “Charge Ahead,” encapsulates the organization’s commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

CEO Scott Robinson expressed his excitement about the brand transformation, stating, “As we celebrate 130 years, this new brand is a powerful symbol of our commitment to growth and development. It signifies our collective belief that, with the right team and determination, anything is possible. We are thrilled to charge ahead into the future, continuing to empower and advocate for the success of our local businesses and entrepreneurs.”

The official launch event for the 130th-anniversary re-brand was held on March 18, 2024, where the community was invited to join in celebrating the anniversary milestone and to view the new brand for the first time. The event was a momentous occasion, embodying the Chamber’s dedication to fostering a thriving business community.

Join us as we charge ahead, united by the spirit of collaboration and resilience, toward a future filled with endless possibilities for business in Red Deer and area.

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