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Prior to 2005, the Red Deer Seniors Bonspiel was on the verge of being cancelled indefinitely due to the lack of participation. Not wanting to see this come about, an avid senior curler, by the name of Bill Gibson, hatched the idea of a new format, which was met with instant success.

It started in 2005 and was given the title of 4 in 1 Bonspiel. Because of its immediate, huge success, it quickly became The Red Deer Seniors 6 in 1 Bonspiel with 48 teams entered. The uniqueness of this format is that it accommodates all classes of curlers, from the very competitive to those who wish to curl for the enjoyment it gives.

Following is an explanation of this format which has been adopted by a number of curling communities in Central Alberta. Basically, 6 in 1 means this bonspiel consists of 6 mini bonspiels in one large bonspiel. Each mini bonspiel or Division consists of 8 teams. These eight teams play only within their own Division.

The Divisions are as follows:

Division A: Masters – Total age 265+. The total ages of the 4 players must add up to 265+ years. The team may consist of any combination of male and female curlers.

Division B: 2, 3 or 4 ladies. Each team has to have a minimum of 2 ladies.

Division C: The teams in this division must have at least one member of the opposite gender.

Division D: 6 in 1 open. The teams in this division may be made up of any combination of curlers.

Division E: Super Seniors 70+. Each member of these teams must be 70 years or older.

Division F: 2+ sticks. At least two members of these teams must deliver the curling rock using a curling stick.

This is a 5-day bonspiel – with all the draw times set in advance. In addition to being guaranteed 5 games, one per day; the curlers are treated to a full meal buffet, and daily coffee and snacks. Friday is a special day because this is the cash pay-out day for all teams, along with cinnamon (sticky) bun day.

The committee members who look after the organization of this event are Doug Bancroft, Norm Haney, Joan Harris, Ray Lang, Bernard Merrick and Gordon Traverse. This committee is very thankful to the many participants who volunteer their services to help make this bonspiel the huge success it is each year.

Rob Stryker

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