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High-tech Caroline dentist opening clinic in west Red Deer

As reported by the Red Deer Advocate on May 7 2023.

Dr. Michael Dolynchuk, dentist and owner of Caroline Dental Center. This May he’s opening a second location, Dolynchuk Dental, at the brand new Horizon Medical Center in Red Deer.

From drill rigs to dentist drills and lasers, proudly serving Central Alberta

Michael Dolynchuk became well acquainted with the small towns of Central Alberta while working on oil rigs in his teens and twenties, and saving up for school. Eventually he traded his oil drill for a dentist’s drill (and even high-tech dental lasers), but he hasn’t traded his life in Central Alberta.

“I first came to Caroline when I was 16 and working the rigs. I had breakfast at the Caroline Diner and went into the bush to work my first job on a rig. I got to know a lot of people out here and often returned to go camping, and on one of those trips the mayor approached me and suggested I open a dental clinic,” says Dr. Dolynchuk.

Caroline Dental Center has been serving the west country with a state-of-the-art dental clinic since 1999, and Dr. Dolynchuk has set up a number of other dental practices in Central Alberta as well.

This May, Dolynchuk is proud to be bringing his high-tech, community focused dentistry to Red Deer, opening Dolynchuk Dental Center at the brand new Horizon Medical Centre just off 67th Street near Highway 2.

“It’s one of the best medical buildings in the city. When the doctors from the Horizon Family Medicine asked me to be the dentist for their building, I graciously accepted.”

Laser dentistry means no needles, no drills, no numbness

The Solea CO2 Dental Laser allows dentists at Dolynchuk Dental Center and Caroline Dental Center to treat cavities and fillings without a needle, drill or anesthetic.

When Dr. Dolynchuk decides to do something, he doesn’t go halfway. So both the Caroline and Red Deer clinics include advanced technology for more comfort, faster care and safer facilities.

  • Individual treatment rooms: Reduces the spread of airborne germs, and offers extra privacy to patients.
  • UV air filtration: Cleaner air, with extra filtration to destroy viruses, bacteria, mould and other particles.
  • Solea CODental Laser: “I’ve been using dental lasers for over two decades, and Solea has just released a new CO2 laser that’s a real ‘blow you away’ kind of instrument,” Dr. Dolynchuk says. Dentists can treat cavities and fillings without a needle, drill or anesthetic. “It’s not a magic wand, so if we encounter an infection or other complication we may still have to use conventional dentistry. But it’s a great tool for reducing discomfort, and for children especially.”
  • CEREC same-day crowns: Stay in the dentist chair while a state-of-the-art machine builds a custom porcelain or zirconia crown or bridge within minutes. “Only about 20 per cent of dentists use CEREC. It’s a challenging technique to learn, almost like flying an airplane. If you put in your time and get your hours you can do it well, or you crash and burn.”

Dr. Dolynchuk treats patients full time, and also mentors other dentists at his clinics in skills like implants, bone grafts, Invisalign and CEREC.

“I’ve had dentists do a filling on me, just to check their skills. I want to be sure that every dentist at the clinic is gentle, calm and professional.”

Find Caroline Dental Center at carolinedental.com and at 5103 48 Ave., Caroline. Call (403) 722-2122 to make an appointment. Find Dolynchuk Dental Center in the QEII Wellness Centre located at  #130 6845 66 St., Red Deer, Now Open !

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